Tip: String Wrapper for Formatted String Output in C++

String Wrapper for Formatted String Output in C++

For a long time, I was very reluctant to use "ostrstream," the C++ equivalent of the "sprintf" C function, because of longer and less understandable code:

ostrstream ss;
ss << "value = " << x;
string s = ss.str();

Using three lines and introducing another (besides string) class seems to me too much and inconsistent with my favorite principle of Occam's razor.

But relatively recently, I learned (by reading others' code) that sometimes this extra complexity can be hidden by using macros. For example, a log output macro could be defined in this manner:

#define LOG(arg) { ostringstrean ss; ss << arg;
   output(ss.str()); }

And can be used this way:

LOG("value = " << x);

So, I decided to try to implement something similar for just string formatting, without forcing the programmer to use any extra classes or variables, something like this:

String s;
s << "value = " << x;
// then using s for whatever is needed...

Here is the solution: a wrapper around the standard string and ostringstream classes:

class String : public std::string
   // Constructors
   String() {}
   String(const char * s_) : std::string(s_) {}
   String(std::string const & s_) : std::string(s_) {}
   String(const char * s_, int n_) : std::string(s_, n_) {}
   String(const char * s_, int p_, int n_) :
      std::string(s_, p_, n_) {}

   // Converting string to character pointer. Defining this
   // operator creates some danger of bugs caused by dangling
   // pointers, but is very convenient for passing string
   // parameters to "const char *" formal arguments
   operator const char *() { return c_str(); }

   char const & operator [](unsigned long int i_)
        const { return (*(std::string *)this)[i_]; }
   char const & operator [](unsigned int i_)
        const { return (*(std::string *)this)[i_]; }
   char const & operator [](int i_)
        const { return (*(std::string *)this)[i_]; }
   char & operator [](unsigned long int i_)
      { return (*(std::string *)this)[i_]; }
   char & operator [](unsigned int i_)
      { return (*(std::string *)this)[i_]; }
   char & operator [](int i_)
      { return (*(std::string *)this)[i_]; }

   String ToUpper() { String r = *this; for(unsigned int i = 0;
      i < size(); i++) r[i] = ::toupper(r[i]); return r; }
   String ToLower() { String r = *this; for(unsigned int i = 0;
      i < size(); i++) r[i] = ::tolower(r[i]); return r; }

template<typename T_> String operator *(String const & s_,
   T_ const & t_)
   return s_ + t_;

class StringStream

   struct StringStreamRef
      explicit StringStreamRef(StringStream * ss_)
         throw() : ss(ss_) {}
      operator StringStream &() const throw()
         return *ss;
      StringStream * ss;

   explicit StringStream(String & str_) : str(&str_)
      ss = new std::ostringstream;
      *ss << *str;
   explicit StringStream(StringStream & ss_) throw()
      *this = ss_;
   StringStream(StringStreamRef ssr_) throw()
      *this = *ssr_.ss;
   StringStream & operator =(StringStream & ss_) throw()
      ss      = ss_.ss;
      str     = ss_.str;
      ss_.ss  = 0;
      ss_.str = 0;
      return *this;
      if(ss && str)
      *str = ss->str();
      delete ss;

   // Operators for converting last calculated string value to
   // String in case "<<" expression is in rhs.
   operator String() { return ss->str(); }
   template<typename T_> friend StringStream operator
      <<(StringStream ss_, T_ const & p_);
   template<typename T_> friend StringStream operator
      <<(String & s_, T_ const & p_);

   operator StringStreamRef() throw()
      return StringStreamRef(this);

   std::ostringstream * ss;
   String * str;


template<typename T_> StringStream operator
   <<(StringStream ss_, T_ const & p_)
   *ss_.ss << p_;
   return ss_;

template<typename T_> StringStream operator
   <<(String & s_, T_ const & p_)
   StringStream w(s_);
   (*w.ss) << p_;
   return w;


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  • several issues

    Posted by cilu on 08/08/2008 03:23am

    There is an error in your code. This line cannot be fine. Can you please fix it? LOG("value = " << x; On the other hand, STL containers are not meant to be inherited. They all lack a virtual destructor, which can lead to 'slicing' problems.

    • Answer on

      Posted by MichaelFurman on 08/09/2008 05:27pm

      Hi, Marius. I see only one typo in the article that is outside the class code. More details on your comments: 1. - It is obviously a typo in the article, but not in presented code. 2. about meaning or not meaning - I refrain from comment - IMO these categories are not quite technical. 3. Need for virtual destructor is very questionable because the String class does not add any data members and does not override any member functions or introduce a new one. So I believe tat virtual destruction is not requested here. Though, I did not research C++ standard carefully for this matter - so, if you think that I am wrong, please elaborate a little. Thanks for your comments, regards, Michael

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