Creating Drag Image for a CTreeCtrl without images

The method CreateDragImage is used during drag'n drop to create a drag image. The problem is that it only works for a CTreeCtrl with images. The following method, CreateDragImageEx, checks whether the CTreeCtrl has a valid normal CImageList. If so, it just calls the standard CreateDragImage method and returns.

If, on the other hand, no valid CImageList is found, a bitmap is created based on the size of item rect, and the item text is drawn into it. Then a CImageList is created and the bitmap is added to it.

CImageList* CTreeCtrlEx::CreateDragImageEx(HTREEITEM hItem)
	if(GetImageList(TVSIL_NORMAL) != NULL)
		return CreateDragImage(hItem);

	CRect rect;
	GetItemRect(hItem, rect, TRUE); = rect.left = 0;

	// Create bitmap
	CClientDC	dc (this);
	CDC 		memDC;	

		return NULL;

	CBitmap bitmap;
	if(!bitmap.CreateCompatibleBitmap(&dc, rect.Width(), rect.Height()))
		return NULL;

	CBitmap* pOldMemDCBitmap = memDC.SelectObject( &bitmap );
	CFont* pOldFont = memDC.SelectObject(GetFont());

	memDC.FillSolidRect(&rect, RGB(0, 255, 0)); // Here green is used as mask color
	memDC.TextOut(rect.left,, GetItemText(hItem));

	memDC.SelectObject( pOldFont );
	memDC.SelectObject( pOldMemDCBitmap );

	// Create imagelist
	CImageList* pImageList = new CImageList;
	pImageList->Create(rect.Width(), rect.Height(), 
	 ILC_COLOR | ILC_MASK, 0, 1);
	pImageList->Add(&bitmap, RGB(0, 255, 0)); // Here green is used as mask color

	return pImageList;


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  • Changing the colour?

    Posted by streetd on 07/17/2006 04:03am

    How do I go about chaning the colour of the text being dragged? All I seem to get is a grey despite SetTextColor() being used to set the colour I need? Thanks Dave

  • Saved my butt!

    Posted by streetd on 07/12/2006 08:39am

    This code saved me from having to put images into my tree control, Pel K Txnder is a wizard! Thanks Dave

  • Yep. This is excellent. THANKS!

    Posted by Legacy on 02/17/2004 12:00am

    Originally posted by: Mr Antelope

    Nice work!

  • It really helped me

    Posted by Legacy on 07/19/2002 12:00am

    Originally posted by: Tulasi Anand

    I was looking for drag drop without the image list and this piece of code really helped

  • Wonderfull!!!

    Posted by Legacy on 06/19/2002 12:00am

    Originally posted by: Satya

    It works.

  • Drag bitmap is too big

    Posted by Legacy on 11/10/1999 12:00am

    Originally posted by: Geert Delmeiren

    While I was playing with this code (that helped me a lot 
    while programming a multiple select treeview with drag & drop functionality)
    I remarked that the created drag bitmap is much too big.
    For one item this is maybe no problem, but in the case of
    multiple selects, this certainly reduces the redrawing
    performance while dragging.

    You can discover it by simply changing 255 in the line

    memDC.FillSolidRect(&rect2, RGB(0, 255, 0));

    into 250, so you see the bitmap range while dragging.

    The reason for this is the code line = rect.left = 0;

    This is my solution (you can check it in the same way):

    1. Remove the code line = rect.left = 0;

    2. Replace the code part

    memDC.FillSolidRect(&rect, RGB(0, 255, 0));
    memDC.TextOut(rect.left,, GetItemText(hItem));


    CRect rect2(0,0, rect.Width(), rect.Height());
    memDC.FillSolidRect(&rect2, RGB(0, 255, 0));
    memDC.TextOut(0, 0, GetItemText(hItem));

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