Grid List Control

This article illustrates how to use the new (v4.72) common control feature of custom drawn controls in connection with the list control to create a grid list control. This is part of the whole implementation for the grid list control. This article covers the custom drawing to indicate the cell with focus and keyboard navigation to cursor that focused cell. The other related article, "Multiline Editable Subitems", covers the editing of the subitems.

You can download the full grid list control implementation at the bottom of the page. Since it uses the newest common control features, you will need to download the common control redistributable in order to run the sample. In order to build the sample, you will also need the Platform SDK build environment.  There is also documentation on the new common control features there as well.  All you need from the build environment are the CommCtrl.h and the ComCtl32.lib files. Make these available to your VC++ build environment.  I did this by backing up my old files (just in case) and copying these two files into my include and lib directories respectively.
In this explanation, I call out certain functions from the grid list control sample which pertain to this article.

Step 1: Derive a class from CListCtrl

I derived CGridListCtrl from the CListCtrl. I added a member variable to keep track of the current column which the user is interacting with. This variable is the column number of the item also called the column order.  Keep in mind that this may not be the same as the subitem when dragging the columns and changing their order.
// Attributes
    // The current subitem or column number which is order based. 
    int m_CurSubItem;

Step 2: Prepare the control for grid usage

We must be sure that the list control is in report view and that the edit sublabel is turned off (this is for the editing subitem implementation). We also want full row select and to drag and drop columns. This function should be called by the parent of the grid list control in its initialize function (i.e. OnInitDialog). The reason this block of code is not in PreCreate is that the exended list view styles must be set after a control is created.
BOOL CGridListCtrl::PrepareControl()
    ASSERT( m_hWnd );
    DWORD dwStyle = GetWindowLong(m_hWnd, GWL_STYLE); 
    dwStyle &= ~(LVS_TYPEMASK);
    dwStyle &= ~(LVS_EDITLABELS);
    // Make sure we have report view.
    SetWindowLong( m_hWnd, GWL_STYLE, dwStyle | LVS_REPORT );

    // Enable the full row selection and the drag drop of headers.
    // Use macro since this is new and not in MFC.
    ListView_SetExtendedListViewStyleEx(m_hWnd, styles, styles );
    return TRUE;

Step 2: Enable user navigation

The user can navigate the focused cell through the mouse or keyboard.  As previously mentioned we keep track of the current column number or column order. The user navigation simply updates this member variable and invalidates the item.

For more information on the cell navigation with the mouse see the article, "Grid List Control." For keyboard navigation, the user can use the right and left arrow to move the cell cursor. We can do this in the PreTranslateMessage override method. We only handle the messages if the grid list control has the focus. The pretranslated messages may also be for the subitem while it is being edited, and we don't want to interfere with its operation.

MakeColumnVisible is called to make sure that the focused cell is fully exposed by scrolling as necessary. Its implementation follows. The Header_OrderToIndex macro is called to translate the order based m_CurSubItem to an index. The up and down arrows are already handled sufficiently by the list control itself. This also includes the nondestructive edit activation via F2.

The value of -1 for m_CurSubItem indicates that there is no current subitem focus.

BOOL CGridListCtrl::PreTranslateMessage(MSG* pMsg) 
    if(pMsg->message == WM_KEYDOWN)
        // Handle the keystrokes for the left and right keys
        // to move the cell selection left and right.
        // Handle F2 to commence edit mode from the keyboard.
        // Only handle these if the grid control has the focus.
        // (Messages also come through here for the edit control
        // and we don't want them.
        if( this == GetFocus() )
            switch( pMsg->wParam )
                case VK_LEFT:
                    // Decrement the order number.
                    if( m_CurSubItem < -1 ) 
                        // This indicates that the whole row is selected and F2 means nothing.
                        m_CurSubItem = -1;
                        CHeaderCtrl* pHeader = (CHeaderCtrl*)GetDlgItem(0);
                        // Make the column visible.
                        // We have to take into account that the header
                        // may be reordered.
                        MakeColumnVisible( Header_OrderToIndex( pHeader->m_hWnd, m_CurSubItem ) );
                        // Invalidate the item.
                        int iItem = GetNextItem( -1, LVNI_FOCUSED );
                        if( iItem != -1 )
                            CRect rcBounds;
                            GetItemRect(iItem, rcBounds, LVIR_BOUNDS);
                            InvalidateRect( &rcBounds );
                    return TRUE;
                case VK_RIGHT:
                    // Increment the order number.
                    CHeaderCtrl* pHeader = (CHeaderCtrl*) GetDlgItem(0);
                    int nColumnCount = pHeader->GetItemCount();
                    // Don't go beyond the last column.
                    if( m_CurSubItem > nColumnCount -1 ) 
                        m_CurSubItem = nColumnCount-1;
                        // We have to take into account that the header
                        // may be reordered.
                        MakeColumnVisible( Header_OrderToIndex( pHeader->m_hWnd, m_CurSubItem ) );
                        int iItem = GetNextItem( -1, LVNI_FOCUSED );
                        // Invalidate the item.
                        if( iItem != -1 )
                            CRect rcBounds;
                            GetItemRect(iItem, rcBounds, LVIR_BOUNDS);
                            InvalidateRect( &rcBounds );
                    return TRUE;
                case VK_F2: // Enter nondestructive edit mode.
                    int iItem = GetNextItem( -1, LVNI_FOCUSED );
                    if( m_CurSubItem != -1 && iItem != -1 )
                        // Send Notification to parent of ListView ctrl
                        CHeaderCtrl* pHeader = (CHeaderCtrl*)GetDlgItem(0);
                        CString str;
                        // We have to take into account that the header
                        // may be reordered.
                        str = GetItemText( iItem, Header_OrderToIndex( pHeader->m_hWnd, m_CurSubItem ) );
                        LV_DISPINFO dispinfo;
                        dispinfo.hdr.hwndFrom = m_hWnd;
                        dispinfo.hdr.idFrom = GetDlgCtrlID();
                        dispinfo.hdr.code = LVN_BEGINLABELEDIT;
                        dispinfo.item.mask = LVIF_TEXT;
                        dispinfo.item.iItem = iItem;
                        // We have to take into account that the header
                        // may be reordered.
                        dispinfo.item.iSubItem = Header_OrderToIndex( pHeader->m_hWnd, m_CurSubItem );
                        dispinfo.item.pszText = (LPTSTR)((LPCTSTR)str);
                        dispinfo.item.cchTextMax = str.GetLength();
                        // Send message to the parent that we are ready to edit.
                        GetParent()->SendMessage( WM_NOTIFY, GetDlgCtrlID(), 
                            (LPARAM)&dispinfo );
    return CListCtrl::PreTranslateMessage(pMsg);

void CGridListCtrl::MakeColumnVisible(int nCol)
    if( nCol < 0 )
    // Get the order array to total the column offset.
    CHeaderCtrl* pHeader = (CHeaderCtrl*)GetDlgItem(0);
    int colcount = pHeader->GetItemCount();
    ASSERT( nCol < colcount );
    int *orderarray = new int[ colcount ];
    Header_GetOrderArray( pHeader->m_hWnd, colcount, orderarray );
    // Get the column offset
    int offset = 0;
    for( int i = 0; orderarray[i] != nCol; i++ )
        offset += GetColumnWidth( orderarray[i] );
    int colwidth = GetColumnWidth( nCol );
    delete[] orderarray;
    CRect rect;
    GetItemRect( 0, &rect, LVIR_BOUNDS );
    // Now scroll if we need to expose the column
    CRect rcClient;
    GetClientRect( &rcClient );
    if( offset + rect.left < 0 || offset + colwidth + rect.left > rcClient.right )
        CSize size; = offset + rect.left; = 0;
        Scroll( size );
        rect.left -=;

Step 3: Implement custom draw

Since this new message is not in VC++'s Class Wizard, you will need to add the message map and definition yourself. Be sure to add them outside of the Class Wizard fences. If you do not, when Class Wizard updates your source file, it will be lost. The other message maps are included to clarify where you would add it yourself.
Further you will also need to add the member function declaration as follows also outside the Class Wizard fences:
	afx_msg void OnLButtonDown(UINT nFlags, CPoint point);
	afx_msg void OnHScroll(UINT nSBCode, UINT nPos, CScrollBar* pScrollBar);
	afx_msg void OnVScroll(UINT nSBCode, UINT nPos, CScrollBar* pScrollBar);
	afx_msg void OnCustomDraw(NMHDR* pNMHDR, LRESULT* pResult);
Now the fun begins. We all like to draw, right?

The new custom control custom draw is a staged process. The same message is sent at different drawing stages of the control. If you tell it that the control can handle the rest of the stages, it will not send any more custom drawing messages for that drawing session. The control will always send the NM_CUSTOMDRAW message just before commencing a drawing session. If you want to handle the drawing of the control (any of it), the return value from this message must indicate it. In this implementation, we only want to override the drawing of the subitem which has the focus. The rest of the drawing can be done by the control.

There are four stages outlined as follows:

  1. The control asks if we want to handle drawing of the control. Respond that we want to handle the drawing at the item level. (The response is achieved by the return value.)
  2. The control responds when it is about to paint a given item. If the item has focus, respond that we want to handle drawing at the subitem level. Otherwise, respond that the control can draw the whole item.
  3. The control responds before painting a given subitem which was fowarded from stage two. Respond that we want to be notified after painting the subitem.
  4. The control responds after painting the subitem from stage three. If the subitem is the focused subitem, do the special drawing, and respond that we handled the drawing so the control will not do any more drawing on the subitem. Otherwise, respond that the list control should finish the subitem drawing. (Actually it is probably not going to do anymore drawing anyway, but it is good form.)
You might think that I could have performed the drawing from stage four in stage three. If I had I would have also had to worry about indentation, state icon drawing, and item/subitem icon drawing. This way, I let the list control draw those and I just draw on top of the label after it is done.
void CGridListCtrl::OnCustomDraw(NMHDR* pNMHDR, LRESULT* pResult) 
    // This function is called by the control in different 
    // stages during the control drawing process.

    // By default set the return value to do the default behavior.
    *pResult = 0;

    switch( pCD->nmcd.dwDrawStage )
        case  CDDS_PREPAINT:  // First stage (for the whole control)
            // Tell the control we want to receive drawing messages  
            // for drawing items.
            *pResult = CDRF_NOTIFYITEMDRAW;
            // The next stage is handled in the default:
        default: // Stage two handled here. (called for each item)
            if( !(pCD->nmcd.uItemState & CDIS_FOCUS) )
                // If this item does not have focus, let the 
                // control draw the whole item.
                *pResult = CDRF_DODEFAULT;
                // If this item has focus, tell the control we want
                // to handle subitem drawing.
                *pResult = CDRF_NOTIFYSUBITEMDRAW;
        case CDDS_ITEMPREPAINT | CDDS_SUBITEM: // Stage three (called for each subitem of the focused item)
            // We don't want to draw anything here, but we need to respond 
            // of DODEFAULT will be the next stage.
            // Tell the control we want to handle drawing after the subitem 
            // is drawn.
        case CDDS_ITEMPOSTPAINT | CDDS_SUBITEM: // Stage four (called for each subitem of the focused item)
            // We do the drawing here (well maybe).
            // This is actually after the control has done its drawing
            // on the subitem.  Since drawing a cell is near instantaneous
            // the user won't notice.
            int subitem = pCD->iSubItem;
            // Only do our own drawing if this subitem has focus at the item level.
            if( (pCD->nmcd.uItemState & CDIS_FOCUS) )
                // If this subitem is the subitem with the current focus,
                // draw it.  Otherwise let the control draw it.  
                CHeaderCtrl* pHeader = (CHeaderCtrl*)GetDlgItem(0);
                // We have to take into account the possibility that the 
                // columns may be reordered.
                if( subitem == Header_OrderToIndex( pHeader->m_hWnd,  m_CurSubItem ) )
                    // POSTERASE
                    CDC* pDC = CDC::FromHandle(pCD->nmcd.hdc);
                    // Calculate the offset of the text from the right and left of the cell.
                    int offset = pDC->GetTextExtent(_T(" "), 1 ).cx*2;
                    // The rect for the cell gives correct left and right values.
                    CRect rect = pCD->nmcd.rc;
                    CRect bounds;
                    GetItemRect( pCD->nmcd.dwItemSpec, &bounds, LVIR_BOUNDS );
                    // Get the top and bottom from the item itself.
                    rect.bottom = bounds.bottom;
                    // Adjust rectangle for horizontal scroll and first column label
                    if( subitem == 0 )
                        CRect lrect;
                        GetItemRect( pCD->nmcd.dwItemSpec, &lrect, LVIR_LABEL );
                        rect.left = lrect.left;
                        rect.right = lrect.right;
                        rect.right += bounds.left;
                        rect.left  += bounds.left;
                    // Clear the background with button face color
                    pDC->FillRect(rect, &CBrush(::GetSysColor(COLOR_3DFACE)));
                    // PREPAINT
                    CString str;
                    str = GetItemText( pCD->nmcd.dwItemSpec, pCD->iSubItem );
                    // Deflate the rect by the horizontal offset.
                    rect.DeflateRect( offset, 0 );
                    // You could also make this column alignment sensitive here.
                    pDC->DrawText( str, rect, 
                    // POSTPAINT
                    // Draw rounded edge
                    rect.InflateRect( offset, 0 );
                    pDC->Draw3dRect( &rect, ::GetSysColor(COLOR_3DSHADOW), ::GetSysColor(COLOR_3DFACE) );
                    rect.DeflateRect( 1, 1 );
                    pDC->Draw3dRect( &rect, ::GetSysColor(COLOR_3DDKSHADOW), ::GetSysColor(COLOR_3DHILIGHT) );
                    // Tell the control that we handled the drawing for this subitem.
                    *pResult = CDRF_SKIPDEFAULT;

Download Sample/Code,(95k)


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  • "Grid List Control" question

    Posted by Legacy on 10/29/2002 12:00am

    Originally posted by: jchen

    I am using the sample . It can just do what I want , and worked fine. but I found if I input some japanese string to the editbox and if the length of string more than 256 , the input string in the CListCtrl item will be cut to 256 , and I will lost the others . The english(ascII) is no problem . I try to read and debug the source but I can not know where or why the question come from .

  • dragging a row results in an application fault

    Posted by Legacy on 11/02/2001 12:00am

    Originally posted by: Wizzy The Wizard

    Hi guys,

    on my win'98 box i get the following error:
    when i click very fast in the listCtrl or (expecially) if i try to drag a row (clicking and moving mouse without releasing button, the application crashes.
    This because in CTestDlg the messages handlers "OnBeginlabeleditList" and "OnEndlabeleditList" assume that the messages "LVN_BEGINLABELEDIT" and "LVN_ENDLABELEDIT" respectively, arrive always in such order i.e. the applicatio assumes that there cannot be two consecutive "LVN_BEGINLABELEDIT" messages.
    It's wrong. For some reason, in determinate situations, two or more consecutive "LVN_BEGINLABELEDIT" could be notified to CTestDlg.
    The patch is very simple: force destroing of (eventual) previous instances of CImplaceEdtit:
    in function "void TestDlg::OnBeginlabeleditList(NMHDR* pNMHDR, LRESULT* pResult) " insert the following peice code:

    if( m_pListEdit )
    CString str;
    if( pDispInfo->item.pszText )
    m_GridListCtrl.SetItemText( item, subitem, pDispInfo->item.pszText );
    delete m_pListEdit;
    m_pListEdit = 0;

    after the line
    int subitem = pDispInfo->item.iSubItem;


  • Click-highlight delay

    Posted by Legacy on 10/02/2001 12:00am

    Originally posted by: Richard

    Hey - some really great code there!

    I was wondering if it's possible to change one thing because when I first encountered it I thought something wasn't working properly ...

    When you have clicked on a cell, and then click on a different column in that same row, there is a slight delay before the clicked cell highlights. (For example, if you click on [2,3] and then click on [2,4] then cell [2,4] will highlight, but only after a slight pause).

    I assume this pause has something to do with editing labels because normally clicking on the same row a second time would cause the editing of a label to occur after a slight pause. Of course, in this case we only want to edit the label if the column also is the same as the last clicked cell.

    I'm not exactly sure where the pause is occuring, or if it is possible to avoid it.
    Is there some way of removing this pause?

    Thanks for any help!


  • Re Requirs MAPI

    Posted by Legacy on 04/29/1999 12:00am

    Originally posted by: Rob Manderson

    Yes, it does require MAPI. It even says so in the title..... (let alone my qualification of the environment in which I tested it).

    However I'd love to find a way to circumvent that requirement. I'll test the ShellExecute method and if it does what I need I'll post updated code.

    Rob :-)

  • Update data in the list

    Posted by Legacy on 03/04/1999 12:00am

    Originally posted by: Amy

    I want to update data in List which is associated with OnTimer(). How Do I update the data??

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