Edit Control with Icon and Background Text


This article presents an edit control that can display an icon and a prompt text on the background (when the edit control has no text). This is most suitable to indicate to the users that an edit control is used to input text that is used for a search.

The image below shows several such edit controls.

The same controls look like the following when text is entered.

Features of the edit control:

  • Displays an icon on the right side of the control
  • Displays a prompt text (only when the control has no text)
  • Changes the color of the prompt text
  • Changes the font of the prompt text


The class implementing this control is called CSymbolEdit and subclasses CEdit. (If you're not familiar with subclassing, a method of customizing the behavior of a window, I suggest you read this article: "Demystifying Subclassing.")

The public interface of the control is:

void SetSymbolIcon(HICON hIcon, BOOL redraw = TRUE);
void SetSymbolIcon(UINT id,     BOOL redraw = TRUE);

void SetPromptText(CString text,   BOOL redraw = TRUE);
void SetPromptText(LPCTSTR szText, BOOL redraw = TRUE);

void SetPromptTextColor(COLORREF color, BOOL redraw = TRUE);

void SetPromptFont(CFont& font,              BOOL redraw = TRUE);
void SetPromptFont(const LOGFONT* lpLogFont, BOOL redraw = TRUE);

There are two overloads for SetSymbolIcon, one that takes an HICON, and one that takes the ID of a resource. The control is responsible for releasing the icon resource only when the second overload was used. If an HICON was passed, the client of the control must release this resource.

If SetPromptTextColor is not called and a prompt text was set, this prompt text is draw by default with the color RGB(127, 127, 127).

If SetPromptFont is not called and a prompt text was set, this text is drawn with Calibri in italics.

How to Use It in Your Code

  1. In your dialog class header, include "SymbolEdit.h".

  2. Declare a variable of type CSymbolEdit.

    CSymbolEdit m_edit;
  3. Map it to the control in DoDataExchange:

    void CEditDemoDlg::DoDataExchange(CDataExchange* pDX)
        DDX_Control(pDX, IDC_EDIT, m_edit);
  4. Set the icon, text, color, or font (in OnInitDialog, for example).

    m_edit.SetSymbolIcon(IDI_SEARCH, FALSE);
    m_edit.SetPromptText(_T("Find "), FALSE);
    m_edit.SetPromptTextColor(RGB(192, 192, 192));

About the Author

Marius Bancila

Marius Bancila is a Microsoft MVP for VC++. He works as a software developer for a Norwegian-based company. He is mainly focused on building desktop applications with MFC and VC#. He keeps a blog at www.mariusbancila.ro/blog, focused on Windows programming. He is the co-founder of codexpert.ro, a community for Romanian C++/VC++ programmers.



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    Posted by kuri on 07/15/2015 08:54pm

    thanks for the article. The password as TRUE in the 'Edit control' property '*' mark is the a. What should I do?

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  • Icon is flickering

    Posted by molsson84 on 04/27/2011 03:24am

    Hi, I might have good use of your code in a project I'm working on. However when I tried using it, the icon that I set flickers/becomes hidden when I start typing characters in the edit control. Is this something you are aware of an maybe have a suggestion on how to fix it? Regards Martin

  • Selection

    Posted by joersch on 04/06/2008 03:48pm

    Good idea, thanks for the article, but selection does not working correct and the icon is covered when mouse click occures on the area from icon.

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