Owner Draw Button Step-by-Step

Environment: VC++6

I think some of you may not like the buttons in Windows. Sometimes, I think they're ugly. Fortunately, we can change the appearance of our buttons by overriding the DrawItem function of the CButton class. I 'm going to demonstrate the steps of the owner drawing button. In this article, I will make a class, which inherits from CButton class.

Let 's take a dialog-based MFC application as an example. In the File Menu, click New to add a new project. Then, choose MFC Application Wizard (exe). In the project name, type in OwnerDrawButton (just an example), and then click OK. In step one of the MFC App Wizard, choose Dialog Based. After pressing Finish, you are brought to the "New Project Information" page. You'll ignore this page, so press OK.

The edit window is displaying the IDD_OWNERDRAWBUTTON_DIALOG. We have to make our class first, so we don't have time to look at this dialog. Go to the ClassView, right-click "OwnerDrawButton classes", and choose "New class". For the class type, just leave the default "MFC Class". In the "Name" editbox, type "CMyButton" (just an example). Choose "CButton" from the "Base Class".

You have added a new class; it's time to override the DrawItem function. Right-click "CMyButton" in ClassView and choose "Add Virtual Function". The "New Virtual Override for class CMyButton" page opens. Double-click "DrawItem" in the left "New Virtual Functions" listbox. Afterward, 'DrawItem" will jump to the right "Existing virtual function overrides" listbox. Finally, press OK to add a new virtual override.

Go to the implementation of CMyButton::DrawItem, which is in MyButton.cpp. Add draw code in this function. Here is my drawing code to demonstrate how to use CDC to draw it.

void CMyButton::DrawItem(LPDRAWITEMSTRUCT lpDrawItemStruct) 
  CDC dc;
  dc.Attach(lpDrawItemStruct->hDC);     //Get device context object
  CRect rt;
  rt = lpDrawItemStruct->rcItem;        //Get button rect

  dc.FillSolidRect(rt, RGB(0, 0, 255)); //Fill button with blue color

  UINT state = lpDrawItemStruct->itemState; //Get state of the button
  if ( (state & ODS_SELECTED) )            // If it is pressed
    dc.DrawEdge(rt,EDGE_SUNKEN,BF_RECT);    // Draw a sunken face
    dc.DrawEdge(rt,EDGE_RAISED,BF_RECT);    // Draw a raised face

                        // Set the color of the caption to be yellow
  CString strTemp;
                        // Get the caption which have been set
                              // Draw out the caption
  if ( (state & ODS_FOCUS ) )       // If the button is focused
    // Draw a focus rect which indicates the user 
    // that the button is focused
    int iChange = 3;
    rt.top += iChange;
    rt.left += iChange;
    rt.right -= iChange;
    rt.bottom -= iChange;

Your job isn't finished yet. Go back to the ResourceView and click "IDD_OWNERDRAWBUTTON_DIALOG". Yes, you are right! You are going to edit your dialog box. Drag a button to the dialog box. Now, modify its properties by right-clicking it and choosing "Properities". For its ID, call it "IDC_COLOREDBUTTON" and caption it "Colored Button". You also have to allow it to be owner draw. Go to the Styles tab and check "Owner Draw". Then, close the Properties dialog box.

You have to link this button to the CMyButton class. Press Ctrl+W to open the MFC Class Wizard. Under the "Member variables" page, double-click "IDC_COLOREDBUTTON", which is in the "Control IDs" listbox. You are then brought to the "Add Member Variable" dialog. For the "Member variable name", type "m_MyColoredButton". For the "Variable Type", choose "CMyButton", and then press OK. VC++ will inform you to check if there is an include statement in "OwnerDrawButtonDlg.h". You won't find it, so add #include "MyButton.h" at the beginning of OwnerDrawButtonDlg.h.

Press F7 to build your project. Afterward, run it and you will see the same as the picture at the beginning of this article.

This is the first time for me to write an English article. Feel free to give some bad comments to me. I am glad to read them.


Download file - 21 kb


  • Thank you.

    Posted by Goldstone on 05/12/2013 05:02pm

    Thank you for very helpful information

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  • Great. A good and nice simple solution.

    Posted by vladovidiu on 11/08/2005 06:27am

    I just love simple solutions. And if you create the button dynamically it works like a charm.

  • Bitmapped Button

    Posted by Legacy on 02/26/2004 12:00am

    Originally posted by: BIGBUBBA

    I love your example on the colored button. Its easy to understand. I was wondering if you could explain how to do the same thing but for a button that is an icon? I looked on here for bitmapped button. I simply could not understand the guy cause evidently some steps were skipped.

  • What about a CFormView based Classe?

    Posted by Legacy on 10/14/2003 12:00am

    Originally posted by: Lslx

    I try almost all exemples on this thread and I'm still not able to use a custom button on a CFormView class.

    So I add a button in my CFormView ressource, set the ownerdraw to true and give a new ID. After, I add a variable in my CFormView with class wizard( So the DDX stuff appear).

    When I start my program, I have an assertion faillure in the CButton::DrawItem function.

    Have an hint?

    I also tried that: don't put a control button in the ressource editor and "Create" my button in the CMyFormView::OnCreate(...) fonction. like:
    CRect rect(80,80,14,14);
    m_myButton.Create("C",WS_CHILD|WS_VISIBLE|BS_PUSHBUTTON, rect, this, IDC_MYBUTTON);

    But, nothing appear!



  • Thanks a lot!!

    Posted by Legacy on 09/30/2003 12:00am

    Originally posted by: Louis

    Thanks for the detail instruction.
    It does help me very much.

  • Didnt work for me

    Posted by Legacy on 09/22/2003 12:00am

    Originally posted by: Jellow

    Didnt work for me. Simply followed what you said. No errors. Nothing. But no result. But I didnt add a new button. But used for a button that was already existing and was functional. Any problem??
    Then modified the project to use the class with a newly added button resource. Even then no expected result obtained. What can be the reason?

  • Thank you

    Posted by Legacy on 07/09/2003 12:00am

    Originally posted by: HyunMin

    Thank you for very helpful information

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