Two "Oops!" - Win 8 Machines For Sale and an IE 9 Parody

It is Monday and sifting through my inbox has been interesting. There are two finds that fall under the "Oops" category.

Windows 8 Machines Available Now! (or they were…)

The first is information that (Home Shopping Network) has started selling Windows 8 Machines. You can (well could have) order one today, and according to the site it would have shipped within 12 days. The only issue with this is that general availability of Windows 8 isn't until the 26th. Needless to say, reports are that Microsoft isn't too thrilled with this.

The page did give the specs for five machines from Acer/Gateway. It is interesting to see that while the low-end machines will have enhanced touchpads, they won't have touch screens. Expect to pay a premium for the touch screen.

Gateway Win 8 Machine

Note: Ed Bott reported on this over at ZDNet: Link

IE 9 Parody

The second oops in my inbox today was parody of a Internet Explorer 9 ad. This is a YouTube video that will likely make you chuckle (unless you work on the IE team). I've embedded the video here for your viewing pleasure:

I like the appearance of Clippy in the video!

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