One Day Until Win 8: It's not too Late - Windows 8 Resources to Get You Going

The Windows Reimagined ads have been playing on television for a couple of weeks. The previews have been out for months. Applications have been built and submitted to the Windows Store. Even I have an application churning through the process of being approved.

Windows 8 is here, or will be tomorrow. The corporate world is likely to continue using Windows 7 and Windows XP for a while; however, consumers are going to be pushed into buying machines with Windows 8, whether desktop, slate, or something else. It is a new market and there is still opportunity to build applications.

I've written about Windows 8 over the last week. Additionally, we've published quite a few Windows 8 articles on CodeGuru, and our other sites. We've even created a couple of discussion forum areas focused on Modern App Development:

The forums are new and people are still learning. Regardless, it is a place to find others looking to learn and build Windows Store Apps.

Microsoft has also created a lot of resources for Windows 8 development. We've worked with them on a couple of portals in our network:

In addition to the above portals, if you are looking for step-by-step guidance with both background material and links to secondary resources, then you can follow the 30 day program on Generation App. If you sign up on the Generation App site, you will get access to a planned approach to learning all the specifics you need to know to build a Windows 8 application. You can also get daily emails prompting you to continue on your path as well as giving you tips. You can get to Generation App using the following link:

Go to GenerationApp

I need to note that we (this site) have been promoting GenerationApp for Microsoft. You have likely seen the ads. Having said that, when I started building my first Windows 8 application, I used some of the resources there, and the 30 day approach helped keep me moving. While many of the first few days were boring background material, some of the later items were supplemented some of the things I read here on CodeGuru.

In addition to all of the above items, there are also a number of articles and resources on the main CodeGuru site. I've listed a few of the recent articles here:

Here are a couple of additional articles that are on These are sponsored articles provided by Microsoft:

If you've built a Windows 8 application and want to share an article with the community, then feel free to write and submit one on the site or email it to me. If you submit to the site, email me and let me know. An article can be a breakdown of what you did in your app (take a look tomorrow at the article Chris Bennett wrote as an example), or your article can simply be tips or tricks you've learned like some of the blog posts I've been doing.

One things is for sure — Even though Windows 8 releases tomorrow, it isn't too late to be creating applications or to be sharing articles! I've submitted one to the store, and I have more and more ideas stacking up. I simply need time to work on them. Maybe it is time to close down this blog and get back into Visual Studio 2012!

If you are working on an application, or have submitted one, let us know. Post a comment here or in the forum. Let us know your app name and description, but also let us know what language and tools you used!

Tomorrow is the launch! Now the real fun begins!

# # #

Note that the opinions expressed in this blog are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of my employer. Additionally, note that this site does business with companies mentioned in this blog. Even so, these thoughts are my own.

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