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Indianapolis is my home town. We don't get a lot of Microsoft technical conferences in Indianapolis unless we do them ourselves. Having said that, with the coming of Windows 2012, two events are happening and hopefully more will come. Better yet, both of these events are also happening in other cities too.

We just had a .NET Rocks event with Richard Campbell, Carl Franklin, and Atley Hunter. They presented for several hours on Windows 8 and Windows Phone. Carl and Richard are doing a .NET Rocks Road show that has several more cities to go. While I thought these were primarily in the Northeast, it seems they are expanding across the country. You might still have a chance to catch one of these events in the following cities. Not that I believe these are all free events. At the Indianapolis event we even served food!

    • 10/22 — Atlanta, GA
    • 10/23 — Charlotte, NC
    • 10/24 — Nashville, TN
    • 10/25 — Louisville, KY
    • 10/27 — Reston, VA
    • 11/3 — Tallahassee, FL
    • 11/5 — Tampa, FL
    • 11/7 — Orlando, FL
    • 11/7 — Orlando, FL
    • 11/8 — Jacksonville, FL
    • 11/12 — Bentonville, AR
    • 11/14 — Houston, TX
    • 11/15 — San Antonia, TX
    • 11/17 — Dallas, TX
    • 11/26 — Phoenix, AZ
    • 11/27 — San Diego, CA
    • 11/28 — Los Angeles, CA
    • 11/29 — San Jose, CA
    • 12/1 — San Francisco, CA
    • 12/9 — Las Vegas, NV

Note: Check their site to verify dates and locations. Of course, if you can't make the .NET Rocks Road Trip events, you can likely find pieces of many of them as pod casts in the coming weeks.

The New Era of Work

Today I tweeted that Microsoft is also doing a new event series currently dubbed Microsoft 2012 Launch Event Series: The New Era of Work. This free series is also hitting a number of cities in the United States starting with Hollywood, CA on 10/30 and ending with Pittsburgh, PA on 12/13. They hit Indianapolis on December 6th. Registration is open now. The list of cities from their site is:

  • 10/30 — Hollywood, CA
  • 10/30 — Waltham, MA
  • 11/05 — Houston, TX
  • 11/05 — New York, NY
  • 11/07 — Bloomington, MN
  • 11/08 — Bellevue, WA
  • 11/13 — Dallas, TX
  • 11/13 — Syracuse, NY
  • 11/14 — Brookfield, WI
  • 11/14 — Irvine, CA
  • 11/14 — Orlando, FL
  • 11/14 — San Francisco, CA
  • 11/15 — Baton Rouge, LA
  • 11/15 — Miami Beach, FL
  • 11/15 — Reston, VA
  • 11/27 — Columbus, OH
  • 11/27 — St. Louis, MO
  • 11/28 — Atlanta, GA
  • 11/28 — Chicago, IL
  • 11/28 — Denver, CO
  • 11/28 — Detroit, MI
  • 11/28 — Iselin, NJ
  • 11/28 — Kansas City, MO
  • 11/29 — Charlotte, NC
  • 11/29 — Salt Lake City, UT
  • 12/04 — Portland, OR
  • 12/05 — Oklahoma City, OK
  • 12/06 — Indianapolis, IN
  • 12/06 — Philadelphia, PA
  • 12/07 — Richmond, VA
  • 12/12 — Brentwood, TN
  • 12/13 — Pittsburgh, PA

This conference is aimed at business executives, IT executives, IT Pros, development mangers, and developers. Take a look at the site for information on the tracks that have been set up for each group. For developers, they will be covering Modern App development. There is also Cloud coverage and much more.

Note: This site does business with Microsoft. I'm writing about these two events because I find them interesting and thought you would too. Microsoft has not paid at this time to have them promoted.

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