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30 Day Windows Azure Platform Pass and More

We do a lot of business with Microsoft on our sites. There are two things we have happening with Microsoft that I thought I should pass along. Firstly, we have a Cloud Computing Showcase that has been created where we have a number of resources on Windows Azure. The second is that we have a link to a free 30 day Windows Azure Platform trial. This is access to try out the features of Azure without having to pay any money.

Microsoft Kinect SDK: Not Just a Gaming Device

Many movies today show futuristic computing systems. This includes screens that can materialize in the air in front of the user and then be controlled with the appearance of touch and gestures. While displaying a screen in thin air is not available yet, the ability to recognize gestures is pretty close and getting better thanks to Microsoft's Kinect.

Cost Versus Speed

I receive a large number of press releases about events happening in the industry. This week I was sent an initial result from last Fall's Gartner's Application Architecture, Development, & Integration Summit. At this summit, Serena Software polled hundreds of attendees to get a sense of the top priorities.

Microsoft WebMatrix Released

My team was involved with a great project this week. That project was to stream a live event on one of our sites. In fact, the event is streaming live at as I write this blog entry.

Microsoft's 40 Inch Tablet

You might think this headline is a joke, but it's not. Microsoft presented what equates to a forty inch tablet PC at the CES convention last week. Many have commented on Microsoft entering the tablet market with Windows 7 Tablets. There have been questions on whether Microsoft can deliver a computing device that doesn't have a keyboard or require a pen. After all, Windows 7's touch features are okay, but when combined with small controls in Windows 7, they aren't always the easiest to use without reaching for the mouse.

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