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Joomla Turns 25 Million

There are a number of open source content management systems and tools being used to build web sites today. Among the top that I see mentioned the most are WordPress, DotNetNuke, Drupal, and Joomla. I'm also seeing Umbraco mentioned more in conversations as well because it supports .NET.

Microsoft's Build Conference Sold Out

I mentioned Microsoft's Build Windows conference in previous blog posts. In that post I mentioned what we knew at that time about the Windows Build conference. Beyond a date and high-level comments on covering Windows 8 development, not a lot has been said. Regardless, the conference is now listed as sold out! If you want to attend the conference, you'll have to watch online and see what gets streamed if you haven't already registered. The tickets for the show in Los Angeles have been sold out and now Microsoft makes final preparations for what will be presented. Of course, we still know very little about the details of what will be presented; however, I believe it is safe to say that expectations are high for what will be covered about Windows 8 and the future of development in the Microsoft space. It does sound impressive that the show is sold out. Last year's Microsoft Professional Developers Conference (PDC) also sold out. Its attendance was limited. I had heard it was around 1,000 due to being on the Microsoft campus. The Build conference is in LA, so there should be less of a need to limit attendance. Regardless, it is full. How many people will attend a sold out Build conference? That is simply not being publicly stated right now. While I've asked the public relation folks associated to the show, the response has been pretty much, "no comment". Bottom line, it could be 10 people or it could be 10,000. My guess would put it somewhere between those two numbers, but right now, no one is talking. Regardless, it seems that the show will be one of the hottest tickets come mid-September! Are you going?

Just for Fun: Gmail Man Video

If you haven't already seen it, then here it is. Mary Jo Foley blogged about the Gmail video that is now out on YouTube. The video is pushing Microsoft Office 365 at the end, so it is believed it might have come from Microsoft.

Implementing Site Pinning

We've added site pinning to several of our sites including Codeguru. In order to see the site pinning, you need to be using Internet Explorer 9 or later. This will allow you to drag and pin an icon to the taskbar. In Windows this pinned icon on the task bar will provide a menu when you click on it. You'll be able to access core areas of Codeguru as well as see what the most recent articles were the last time you were on the site. Clicking the icon will open the Codeguru site in a special browser window.

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