Java's Future: Is There a Future Without Gosling?


"Just about anything I could say that would be accurate and honest would do more harm than good" - Gosling


Those are the words of James Gosling who left Oracle and thus left Java on April 2nd. Oracle without Gosling is like C# without Anders Hejlsberg. This is not good news if you are using Java.

For more on what Gosling had to say, check out the InternetNews blog, Oracle Loses Java Creator James Gosling.

It seems he didn't leave for another job, which seems to say a lot too.

While Java could easily survive and thrive under Oracle's ownership, it would have a much better chance of continuing forward successfully if it retained those that have driven it to where it is today. If there were Vegas odds for the future success of Java, I believe they would have recently gotten worse.

What do you think? Does this hurt Java's future?


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