Blogging about my Blog Entry - and about Windows 7

Am I allowed to blog about blogging on a different blog? Is there blogging limit on how many times you can say the word blog in a blog or within individual blog entries?

With the release of Windows 7 to manufacturing slated for this month (per comments at Microsoft's WPC09), there is lots to blog about. Of course, I blog a lot about things here on Codeguru. I am, however, doing a bit with Microsoft Essential Applications, which is a bit more consumer focused than those of you here at Codeguru would care about. As such, I've dropped the first of a couple of blogs onto You'll find my first blog entry here:

Missing from Windows 7, but Not Lost

This is a blog shared by a few Microsoft MVPs all writing on Windows 7 and related topics. My entry talks about the applications that are missing from Windows 7, applications such as Microsoft Mail, Photo Gallery, and Family Safety.

So what do you think.... Is it smart of Microsoft to move these applications like they did?

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